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It's simple. We offer you electric meters, a LoRa network and the metrics you need at the right price.

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Plug & play meters on any installation
Real-time insights on your electric grid

Start making returns instantly.

Get a 24/7 view on your grid. evoly doesn't just help you with remote meter reading, we hand you total control on your network.
Fraud detection, Dynamic Pricing, Predictive maintenance at a glance...
cheaper than a traditional smart meter deployment on average
fraud detected
faster payback using evoly

Say goodbye to operators fees.

We set up a proprietary private LoRa network with you and for you, to keep you data safe and you OPEX lighter than a feather
Managed Gateways: We operate our gateways to cover the region of your deployment and maintain the LoRa network overtime to provide with you top-notch performance.
Unlimited Data, 0€ Transmission Cost: Transmission cost is the enemy of smart metering (~$18 per year on average with regular Operators) by building you a network, we get rid of it.
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Integrate with the best tools on the market

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The most scalable cloud solution solely designed for Internet of Things.

The Things Network

The best LoRaWAN® Internet of Things Ecosystem.


An easy to use gateway to build your LoRa network.

An all-in-one approach

Get an end to end solution powered by a strong tailor-made LoRa network.
Get access to relevant data, and accurate reports leading to profits from tomorrow and a better grid in the next years.
Cloud storage of all the data generated by evoly meters
Extra Savings.
More Revenues
Automated Billing
Live data
7/7 Customer support
Daily reports and insights on your grid performance

Don't take our word for it.

Here is what our clients and partners have to say about us
Founder, TechMatter
"evoly's device can help us in fraud detection. Thanks to its features we can use additional measurements such as voltage or current to help us in this sense"
"The need for evoly's device is real, and is to be considered to potentially make a city-wide solution. Smart meters are too expensive for us, but your device is almost 10 times cheaper and a real option.""
Conseillers du commerce exterieur de la France
“Smart energy solution by evoly won over the jury of the Prix du Jeune Entrepreneur 2021 held recently at the French Embassy in Bern. Their solution has been elected by unanimous decision.”

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