Tested by cities and transporters

evoly is an easy to implement, adaptable waste sensor that will help you optimize collection seamlessly.

Basically, we give you sensors for free and our pay as you go software let you start making returns before spending one cent.

All-in-one tool

evoly adapts to any collection scenario
Any containers
evoly can work on any type of container from underground to aerian, closed or open
5 min. installation
Our sensors can be installed in minutes helping you digitize your whole park in matter of days
Our alert system let you collect when it matters to avoid littering while optimizing costs and CO2
Any type of fluid
evoly measures accurately every type of waste such as glass, paper, aluminiumor household waste...
7 years autonomy
Thanks to our LoRa expertise, our sensors can stay on the field for 7 years with no battery change
Plug and Play
No pre-configuration needed, we install the sensor and you can instantly enjoy the data on our software

Still wondering?

Here are some other features you and your users will love.


Tracked devices

Our devices are fully GPS trackable to insure you a total visibility on your collection and ease out the containers replacement process


cities equiped

More than 20 cities trust evoly for their waste collection


you can try it for FREE

Our 5 devices pilot can be set up in one quick call and you can test our technology for one month free


Avoided travels

Our customers avoid 1 travel out of 5 reducing their emissions and making huge savings thanks to evoly